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Watch night Service

With the Omicron variant increasing and for us to keep other safe it has been decided that our Watchnight Service on Christmas eve at 11pm has beed Cancelled, Ruth has decided to record a Special Service which will be on our You Tube channel at 7pm on 24th December.


Given the considerable rise in cases of COVID recently,we have decided that we will stick to one metre social distancing in our church at present, although the guides on duty who will take you to your seat will still only use every second pew. This means that we are taking a step in the ‘right’ direction whilst continuing to take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of everyone who attends our church services.

 ➢ The wearing of masks, even when singing, and our ‘track and Trace’ system will still apply and we would also ask you to continue using our one-way system meantime. 

 ➢ We would like to thank you very much indeed for all ofyour help and support during this difficult time and we would ask for your continuing support for a just little longer.

And we want to keep each other safe as we approach Christmas while the Omicron variant is increasing … if you can , please take a Lateral Flow Test before coming to church building .

Thank you .

To Order a Lateral Flow Test…