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Thought for prayer Sunday 17th May2020.
Lord God we long to worship in your House of Prayer and  look forward to the day when we can gather together again.We are grateful that in these strange and challenging times that you are always there for us each minute of our days and nights.We find you in the light of a new day dawning,in the sunshine transforming the landscape as flowers, bushes and trees grow and flourish, in the ducklings and cygnets that bring new life to rivers  and canals.We find you in people doing what they can to help those alone at home or in hospital.Gracious God still our anxieties about the future and help us to put our trust in you. Touch us with your Holy Spirit to become more aware of the present moment and give thanks for the many blessings you give us each day… Our homes, our families, food on the table and your love which will never let us go. Hear our prayers spoken and und spoken in Jesus name Amen.


Thought for Prayer Sunday 10th May 2020
Jesus said: Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened unto you.Gracious God we come to ask today  for the bread of life to nourish and sustain us.We come to seek your guidance and wisdom in the days that lie ahead.We come to knock on the door that leads to life in all its fullness.Living God like leaves to the sun so we turn to you the source of all life. Hear our prayers across the whole world that covid-19 will be eradicated,that the bereaved may be comforted,that those in positions of power and authority will rule with integrity and that we, all of us will try to make the world a better place for all to live in peace and with goodwill. Amen

Communion-10th May 2020

Remember on Sunday 10th May 2020 ,Kirkintilloch St Marys Church of Scotland , will be holding a Church Online Communion. Why not join us next Sunday at 11am on the You tube channel, Website and Facebook,….so have with you a piece of Bread and soft drink and join us..


Thought for Prayer Sunday 3rd May 2020.
Lord we come before you, some of us afraid,some a bit lost and some just trying to keep on a day at a time.But all of us are here to listen for your word to each of us.As we draw closer to you and one another we are united as the body of Christ, in the midst of the lockdown,the uncertainty and the insecurity we all feel.We pray for the revival and renewal of the body of Christ.As Jesus died and rose again we pray that we will come ,touched by the Holy Spirit, the breath of life.Help us to see  the many blessings you give us and enable us to pass them on.So may our faith and trust in you remain  and grow firm and secure day by day held in your everlasting love.Amen


Sunday 26th April 2017 Prayer…
Wise and wonderful God lead us into the light of your presence to take time to pray together and be united with you and people throughout the world. Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones. We pray too for the frontline workers in supermarkets,hospitals and care homes.But amidst all the uncertainty and sorrow we know that you are there for us surrounding us with your love and care.So we take time to give thanks for the signs of hope around us. Trees and flowers burst into new life and the whole of creation comes alive again.May we too come alive again led by the Holy Spirit,accompanied by God and inspired by the life and witness of Jesus. Amen.

Help Required….

With the Lockdown and church members unable to attend church , please can you Phone,email Facebook etc to ask Church members or their family members with Internet to join our Facebook or go to our website to keep up to date for happening at Kirkintilloch St Mary’s.


Stephen (Webmaster)