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Church Gardens…

CHURCH GARDEN and GROUNDS . . . Winter has come and gone. Spring is in the air and that means it is time to tend the gardens and surrounding areas of the Church. Our garden receives much praise from the passing public and we do have to maintain that high standard. New volunteers are required and would be much welcomed. Hours are flexible and always in decent weather; after all you choose your own hour(s). Please contact Garry Burns

Fashion Show…

A Fashion Show is taking place in the Hall on Friday 26th April. Tickets costing £5 include light refreshments and are now on sale on Sunday 7th April.

Listeners Circle..

LISTENERS CIRCLE . . . The last meeting of the Listeners Circle this session will be in the Session House on Friday 26th April at 2pm. This is a week later than usual because of Easter. The music this month has been chosen by Moira

Lawson. As always, everyone is cordially invited to come along to enjoy a relaxing afternoon of music with a cup of tea/coffee and a chance to chat to one another in the interval.

Holy Week…

Holy Week Services 2019


Monday 15 April Tuesday 16 April Wednesday 17 April Thursday 18 April Friday 19 April


St David’s Parish Church Hillhead Parish Church

St David’s Parish Church

St Mary’s Parish Church

St Columba’s Parish Church

All services commence at 7.30pm

Appointments ..

Rev Ian Taylor will be our Interim Moderator during our vacancy. Ian is Minister at Springfield Cambridge Parish Church in Bishopbriggs (One of Mark’s new neighbours!). We will have the opportunity to meet Ian on the 28th April, when he will lead us in Worship. Taking on the role of Interim Moderator is a significant commitment on Ian’s part. As a Kirk Session, we are grateful to Ian and we look forward to working with him.

Secondly, we have also been speaking to Morris Dutch, with a view to appointing him as our Locum Minister. Many folks will remember Morris, as he was our Locum Minister before Mark joined us in 2001. The paperwork has not been finalised yet, but it is hoped that Morris will be with us from the beginning of May.

Open Doors..

Open Doors . . . Wednesday 06 March is our first Open Doors day and will continue through to December 2019. The sheets to sign up are now available in the Church Vestibule. New volunteers are always welcome.

Deputy Lieutenant of Dunbartonshire ..

Picture here are members of the Strathkelvin Battalion Boys Brigade receiving their Presidents and Queen Badge Awards at Torrance Parish Church, the awards were presented by Rev Mark Johnstone, Deputy Lieutenant of Dunbartonshire and Mr Alan Brown, Provost, East Dunbartonshire Council.