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ST MARY’S CHURCH KIRKINTILLOCH – JULY / AUGUST 2021➢ As you know, our area has now been designated as Level 0. This means a change to certain elements of the way that we attend church and manage our worship withEFFECT FROM SUNDAY 1ST AUGUST 2021. ➢ Currently our sanctuary is marked off into 54 ‘locations’, each socially distanced by 2 metres, however as the social distancing rule has now been reduced from 2 metres to 1 metre, we can safely increase the number of ‘locations’ available in our sanctuary, each of which can still accommodate a single person, a couple or a family group. We must, however, now strictly adhere to the 1-metre distancing rule, as well as our other safety precautions including the use of our one-way system and our ‘track and trace’ system, as previously.

 ➢ Face masks must be worn in the church at all times and although the singing of hymns will now be allowed, face masks must still be worn whilst singing.

We would ask that you bring your own hymn books whenever possible, use them for your own use and then take them home with you.

Should you forget your hymn book, we will be happy to issue you with one as you enter the church, but we would ask that you bring it out of the sanctuary with you and deposit it in the box indicated for this purpose.

 ➢ There will still be elders on duty to guide you to your seats.

 ➢ You will not be required to book to attend worship in St Mary’s Parish Church. You should simply come to the church on a Sunday, where your name will be ‘ticked off’ on a master list in line with existing procedures. 

​The only exception to this arrangement will be for Rev.Dr. Ruth Morrison’s ​Induction on the evening of Thursday 19th August, where the ‘Booking System will be ​re-instated for that single service only. Further details regarding this arrangement ​will be announced nearer the time.➢ As previously, areas not currently in use have been closed off and we would ask that you do not enter these areas.➢ Other arrangements as described in the original re-opening document of 25th August 2020 will still apply.

(19/07/2021 – JCP)1


We are very much looking forward to Rev Dr Ruth Morrison joining us as our new minister next month. 

And to welcome Ruth to St Mary’s, we would like to present her with a gift from the congregation, with the presentation being made at her first service with us on the 22nd of August.

If you would like to make a contribution towards a gift for Ruth, you will have the opportunity to do that over the next three weeks. I would simply ask that all donations are clearly marked as “Gift for Rev Ruth Morrison”

There are a number of ways for you to make your donation:• In person, at Church, over the next 3 Sundays;• Via your District Elder;• By posting through our letterbox on the Hall Doors; or• By post to the Church Treasurer:
Mr John Thomson
17 Glenwood Court
G66 4JL

Please remember to mark your donation as “Gift for Rev Ruth Morrison”.
To help us make the necessary arrangements, I would ask that all donations are with us by Sunday 1st August 2021.

With my thanks and kind regards,

Gordon Morrison
Session Clerk

Important Announcement


Notice is hereby given that the Vacancy Procedure Committee of the Presbytery of Glasgow makes the following proposal in relation to the vacant charge of Kirkintilloch St Mary’s. 

The Committee, in respect of the congregation of Kirkintilloch St Mary’s: (a) noted the approval of the Vacancy Schedule by the Faith Nurture Forum; (b) sustained the Call by the congregation to the Rev Dr Ruth H B Morrison MA BD PhD, Minister at Clydebank: Waterfront linked with Dalmuir: Barclay; and (c) appointed Thursday 19th August at 7.00pm for the induction of Dr Morrison, instructing the Presbytery Clerk to make the necessary arrangements.  

These actions will proceed unless at least four persons, who are either communicant members of this congregation of Kirkintilloch St Mary’s or full members of Presbytery, together or separately, submit to the Interim Presbytery Clerk a request for this proposal to be considered at the next Ordinary Meeting of the Presbytery. 

Any such request must set out the relevant reasons, and should be submitted in writing to: 
The Interim Presbytery Clerk,
Presbytery of Glasgow, 
260 Bath Street,
G2 4JP.

by Monday 19th July 2021.  

If four valid requests are received, then the proposed course of action will be suspended and the approval of Presbytery will be required. 

Rev Dr S Grant Barclay
Interim Presbytery Clerk

Booking System…


As the nursery is closed during July and the first half of August this year, there will no-one in the office to take your call regarding booking a ‘location’ for Sunday worship. 

Given that we have opened up more ‘locations’, we feel that we will now normally be able to accommodate everyone who arrives at the church to attend Sunday worship.

We have therefore decided that, on a trial basis, if you want to attend Sunday worship you should simply come to the church on a Sunday, where your name will be ‘ticked off’ on a master list in line with existing procedures. 

You will no longer be required to book to attend St Mary’s Church.

This trial will start week beginning Monday 28th June 2021and will operate until further notice.

However, should you want more information regarding this change in procedure, please contact John Pears on 0141 762 1205.  

We will all be very pleased to be able to welcome you to St Mary’s whenever you feel able to attend.

John Pears

14th June 2021

Important Announcement


As you are aware, the Rev Dr Ruth Morrison preached in Church on the 30th May, as our sole nominee.
Following the subsequent ballot of members of this congregation, please note the following:


I hereby declare the results of the voting for the election and appointment of a minister to the vacant charge of Kirkintilloch, St. Mary’s to be as follows:

For electing Rev Dr Ruth Morrison – 223

Against electing Rev Dr Ruth Morrison – nil

Therefore, Rev Dr Ruth Morrison has accordingly been elected and appointed as the new minister – subject to the approval of presbytery.

6th of June 2021
Rev Ian Taylor, Interim Moderator

And secondly

Notice is hereby given that this congregation of Kirkintilloch, St Mary’s has elected Rev Dr Ruth Morrison to be our new minister and a call to the said Rev Morrison has been prepared. 

This call will lie here in church until Sunday 27th June 2021.

During that time – any person whose name is on the electoral register of the congregation may sign the call in person or by means of a mandate. 

If a mandate is to be used, the relevant form may be obtained from the Session Clerk. 

Signed by

Rev Ian Taylor, Interim Moderator

I am delighted to be able to share this extremely positive news with you – both the level of response to the ballot, as well as the unanimous result, is of significant encouragement to Ruth as she looks forward to leading us into this new and exciting chapter in the life of St Mary’s.
If you are not going to be in church, but would still like your name added to the Call by using the Mandate – please just contact me by email or telephone and I will be able to arrange that for you.

Gordon Morrison
Session Clerk
0141 578 5887

Rev Dr Ruth Morrison

As you are aware, the Rev Dr Ruth Morrison preached in Church last Sunday, as our sole nominee. In the past week, all those whose names are contained within our Electoral Register have had the opportunity to vote for or against electing Ruth as our new minister.Gordon Morrison met with Ian Taylor , interim Moderator to count and validate the ballot and can confirm the result as follows:

Those in favour of electing Rev Dr Ruth Morrison – 223

Those against – nil

More details to follow