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From Rev Ian Taylor…



Dear Member,

In a situation which is fast changing I write to outline some things I believe we can all do to continue to be ‘Church’ albeit in a different way.

  • Check our website ( and Facebook pages for regular updates. We are currently investigating the possibility of uploading worship material to the website – watch this space!
  • Check the Church of Scotland website ( for information on a wide range of topics, including details of a daily reflection from the Moderator of the General Assembly on Facebook, and a list of congregations ‘streaming’ Worship Services.
  • Our Church premises are safe and secure in the current ‘lock down’ but are routinely and randomly checked for insurance purposes, and our CCTV installations have aided this process.
  • The Parishioner will continue to be published and made available online, so again check out our website if you are able.
    Subscribers to Life and Work will receive their magazines through the postal system.
  • Members who support the work of the Church financially through WFO envelopes or the Open Plate and are concerned that they are unable to contribute to the Ministry and Mission of the Church can contact our:
    Treasurer – John Thomson – ( 0141 777 8231 – :; or
    Finance Convenor – Hugh Biggans – ( 0141 578 0586 – :
    John and Hugh will only be too happy to offer alternative means to receive your much needed offerings.
  • We hope to be able to keep in contact with everyone during these difficult times. If you have any concerns, or would like any additional information, please contact our Session Clerk:
    Gordon Morrison – ( 0141 578 5887 – :

Rev. Ian Taylor 03/04/2020.

Food Bank…

As St. Mary’s and the nursery are now closed until further notice we no longer have a collection point for the Food Bank.However if you are able and willing to take foodstuff etc. to the Food Warehouse at 19 Donaldson Crescent G66 1XF it would be very much appreciated in these difficult times. The Food Warehouse is open Monday. Wednesday and Friday from 1pm-4pm.It would be good if you could spread this information to folk in the congregation.


Here are some  thoughts for us in this time and place.
Beatitudes for these days
blessed are those who wash their hands,
for they shall hold living water;
blessed are those who keep their distance,
for they shall draw closer to God;
blessed are they who self quarantine,
for they shall help others;
blessed are those who do not hoard,
for they shall feed families;
blessed are those who sing songs to sheltering neighbours,
for they shall be neighbours of the heavenly host;
blessed are parents who learn to teach at home,
for they shall learn from their children;
blessed are they that shop for elder folk,
for they shall receive everlasting thanks,
blessed are the frontline healthworkers,
for they shall be called healers of humanity;
Thom M Shuman.
Used with permission… We continue to hold the world and one another in our prayers. God bless and keep you,Katy.



Thought for prayer


Gracious God we are grateful for the open door of prayer , which unites all people throughout the world.We give thanks for the holy spirit lifting us in dark days, guiding us when we feel lost and opening doors before us.Enable us through social media,phones and computers to hold on to and encourage one another. Hear our prayers for all those woking for the NHS..scientists and politicians and those who have to make difficult decisions and give advice. We pray for the healing of patients in hospital or at home and comfort to those who have lost loved ones. May we continue to believe that underneath are the everlasting arms.Amen.


Thinking of you all,


Hope you are well.




Church Funds and Collections

A few members have been asking how they help the church funds , the best way is to set up a standing order ,which means a regular payment each month will help the Church Continue .For more details you can contact our Session clerk Gordon Morrison , Treasurer -John Thomson or Finance Convenor Hugh Biggans or speak to your elder to get the Sort code , Account Number. We thank you for your support .