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Communion-10th May 2020

Remember on Sunday 10th May 2020 ,Kirkintilloch St Marys Church of Scotland , will be holding a Church Online Communion. Why not join us next Sunday at 11am on the You tube channel, Website and Facebook,….so have with you a piece of Bread and soft drink and join us..

Church Service Online …


We are planning to record church services for the next few weeks including the Communion Service at start of May provided we are not forced into tighter lockdown and then we have to decide how we record the service.

Kids Corner

New to the website ….

Kids Corner

We are looking for any Kids related items to put on our New “Kids Corner” on our website. Please you can help and not ”Subject to copyright “ send any links I can put on the the website for our Young people. Stephen (Webmaster)


Psalm 23
God is in the healthcare folk
all around us:
encouraging us to stay home,reminding us to wash our hands
so we can help others to be safe,
teaching us how to be mindful
and watch over ourselves and others.
Even as we shelter,
we wil’l not give in to fear,
for God is with us,
in those who phone us and care for us.
in those who shop for us,
and those who treat us.
Around a lonely table
in a household or family
in a hospital with strangers,God feeds us with grace,
pouring out hope upon us,and those who treat us.
filling us with peace in the sleepless night,
I know without any doubt,
That God’s gentleness and compassion
are walking right beside us,
showing us the way home
to the one who holds us
in Love’s Heart forever.
Thom M Shuman.
Much love and prayers