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ST MARY’S CHURCH KIRKINTILLOCH – JULY / AUGUST 2021➢ As you know, our area has now been designated as Level 0. This means a change to certain elements of the way that we attend church and manage our worship withEFFECT FROM SUNDAY 1ST AUGUST 2021. ➢ Currently our sanctuary is marked off into 54 ‘locations’, each socially distanced by 2 metres, however as the social distancing rule has now been reduced from 2 metres to 1 metre, we can safely increase the number of ‘locations’ available in our sanctuary, each of which can still accommodate a single person, a couple or a family group. We must, however, now strictly adhere to the 1-metre distancing rule, as well as our other safety precautions including the use of our one-way system and our ‘track and trace’ system, as previously.

 ➢ Face masks must be worn in the church at all times and although the singing of hymns will now be allowed, face masks must still be worn whilst singing.

We would ask that you bring your own hymn books whenever possible, use them for your own use and then take them home with you.

Should you forget your hymn book, we will be happy to issue you with one as you enter the church, but we would ask that you bring it out of the sanctuary with you and deposit it in the box indicated for this purpose.

 ➢ There will still be elders on duty to guide you to your seats.

 ➢ You will not be required to book to attend worship in St Mary’s Parish Church. You should simply come to the church on a Sunday, where your name will be ‘ticked off’ on a master list in line with existing procedures. 

​The only exception to this arrangement will be for Rev.Dr. Ruth Morrison’s ​Induction on the evening of Thursday 19th August, where the ‘Booking System will be ​re-instated for that single service only. Further details regarding this arrangement ​will be announced nearer the time.➢ As previously, areas not currently in use have been closed off and we would ask that you do not enter these areas.➢ Other arrangements as described in the original re-opening document of 25th August 2020 will still apply.

(19/07/2021 – JCP)1



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