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Here are some  thoughts for us in this time and place.
Beatitudes for these days
blessed are those who wash their hands,
for they shall hold living water;
blessed are those who keep their distance,
for they shall draw closer to God;
blessed are they who self quarantine,
for they shall help others;
blessed are those who do not hoard,
for they shall feed families;
blessed are those who sing songs to sheltering neighbours,
for they shall be neighbours of the heavenly host;
blessed are parents who learn to teach at home,
for they shall learn from their children;
blessed are they that shop for elder folk,
for they shall receive everlasting thanks,
blessed are the frontline healthworkers,
for they shall be called healers of humanity;
Thom M Shuman.
Used with permission… We continue to hold the world and one another in our prayers. God bless and keep you,Katy.



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