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Communion-28th November 2021

Communion – Sunday 28th November,2021• Communion to take place on Sunday 28th November, 2021 which is also the first Sunday in Advent.• Due to current restrictions, it is impossible to serve communion as we have done in the past at the moment.• This time will be more informal – no dressed pews although communion table will have white cloth, fall etc.• Fellowship cups to be used – like small milk cup where you peel back first layer to take the wafer then the second to take the wine. This will be handed to you as you enter church that morning. Everyone will also be given a napkin to wrap their used cup in to take home for disposal.

Remembrance Sunday 2021

Remembrance Sunday, which falls on 14 November in 2021, is a national opportunity to remember the service and sacrifice of all those that have defended our freedoms and protected our way of life.

We remember the Armed Forces, and their families, from Britain and the Commonwealth, the vital role played by the emergency services and those that have lost their lives as a result of conflict or terrorism.

So this Sunday , the service start at 10.45am.

Christmas Cards @ StMarys

Thanks to everyone who supported us in the early days of the lockdown when we were able to deliver orders and sell all our stock – nothing wasted!
There is no date yet for us to re-open the stall but we are delighted to set a up a Christmas Cards and gift online “stall”

Charity Christmas cards are the perfect way to celebrate the festivities while knowing that you’re giving back to those less fortunate. Whether you’re on the hunt for friends or family, the selection of Christmas charity cards at the Traidcraft Shop suit all tastes and are incredibly affordable – you may even catch a sale on some of our products!

If you would like to order your Christmas Cards click below and email Fiona Leishman

Christmas Cards

Church Update

ST MARY’S CHURCH KIRKINTILLOCH –SEPTEMBER 2021➢ As you know, social distancing has been rescinded in Scotland, although the church of Scotland is still advising us to stick to one metre distancing at the moment. 

 ➢ Given the considerable rise in cases of COVID recently,we have decided that we will stick to one metre social distancing in our church at present, but we will remove the tape in our church, although the guides on duty who will take you to your seat will still only use every second pew. This means that we are taking a step in the ‘right’ direction whilst continuing to take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of everyone who attends our church services.

 ➢ The wearing of masks, even when singing, and our ‘track and Trace’ system will still apply and we would also ask you to continue using our one-way system meantime. 

 ➢ We would like to thank you very much indeed for all ofyour help and support during this difficult time and we would ask for your continuing support for a just little longer.

 ➢ The above changes to the way that we manage our church will apply from Sunday 12th September 2021, but we will keep them under constant review and when appropriate we would intend to ease these restrictions further.

➢ Other arrangements as described in the original re-opening document of 25th August 2020 will still apply.

Ruth Profile …

I grew up and went to school in Clydebank – many of my family still live there – and, after participating in the school production of ‘Oliver’, I caught the acting bug! In secondary school I took part in lots of plays and got myself an agent, making a few brief (blink and you’ll miss me!) appearances on TV. I went to Glasgow University, studying History

and Theatre Studies and, whilst there, went to Ghana in 2002 for a month through Girlguiding. The trip changed my outlook and, I believe, the path of my life, and within a couple of years of that trip I was exploring my calling to Ministry. I was accepted as a Candidate in Training for Ministry of Word and Sacrament in 2005 and returned to Glasgow to do my BD. I completed my probationary placement in Arbroath: St Andrew’s Church under the supervision of Martin Fair (The Very Rev Dr!) and was ordained and introduced as the Associate Minister of that place in December 2009.
Another change in direction came after being invited to return to Glasgow to do a PhD (yes, I am an eternal student!), and so I did, in September 2010. It was during that time I met and fell in love with Steven and we were married in May 2014 before beginning my ministry in the linked charge of Clydebank: Abbotsford linked with Dalmuir Barclay. In 2016, we were greatly blessed with the arrival of Grace, just a month after I graduated with my PhD and that, kind of brings you up date.