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Christmas Cards

If you require your Christmas cards to to delivered within the Kirkintilloch , Lenzie and Waterside area. Please can you hand them in on later than next Sunday 6th December. The price again will be 25p a card.

Please can we remind you to have the current Name, House number and Address. Without these we will be unable to deliver the cards.


Electoral Register….

****Special Announcement****


Plans are now in hand for us to prepare the Electoral Register which is a list of those who are eligible to vote in the election of a Nominating Committee and our next Minister.

On Sundays 29/11/20 and 06/12/20 the following Edict will be read during Worship.Notice is hereby given that in view of the vacancy in this congregation of Kirkintilloch St. Mary’s Parish Church, the Kirk Session is about to make up an Electoral Register.

This Electoral Register is a list of those who will be eligible to vote when the time comes to elect a Nominating Committee, and subsequently in the election of a new minister.If your name and current address are already on the Communion Roll, then you will automatically be placed upon the Electoral Register. You will need to take no further action.

If you are a regular worshipper here, but are still a member of another congregation, and you wish to participate in the election of a minister to this congregation of Kirkintilloch St. Mary’s Parish Church then you should arrange to hand in to the Session Clerk a valid Certificate of Transference before the Kirk Session meets (0141 578 5887

If you are a regular worshipper here, and not a member of this or any other congregation, then the Kirk Session can add your name to the Electoral Register as an “adherent”. If you wish the Kirk Session to consider this, you should obtain a form from the Session Clerk, complete it and return it to him before the Kirk Session meets.

The Kirk Session will meet via ZOOM on the of December at 7.30pm to make up the Electoral RegisterRev. Ian Taylor, Interim Moderator”

I have reproduced the Adherents Claim Form below which you can send direct to the Session Clerk should you choose to do this.

D FORM OF ADHERENT’S CLAIM – Section 14(1) 21I, 1…………………………………… of 2……………………………………………………………….., being a regular worshipper in the Church of ………………… and not being a member of any other congregation in Scotland, request to have my name put on the Electoral Register of the congregation of Kirkintilloch, St. Mary’s Parish Church as an adherent.Date ……………………………. (Signed) ………………………………………………………………………1 Here enter full name in block capitals2 Here enter address in full

Rev. Ian Taylor, Interim ModeratorMinister, Springfield Cambridge Parish ChurchBishopbriggs(0141 772

Important Annoucement

Church of Scotland Kirkintilloch St Marys Parish Church.
Important Announcement….
As you know, our area has now been designated as Level 4. This means a change to the maximum number of people who can attend a church service with immediate effect.
We have taken the decision to keep the church open for worship, although only a maximum of 20 people will be allowed in the sanctuary at any one time.
This includes those on duty, the minister and the organist. Therefore approximately 5 of the 20 people will be accounted for. This will leave space for 15 people approximately.
Bookings for Sunday services should still be made using the usual ‘booking system’.
When the number of people wishing to ‘book’ places for a Sunday service reaches 15, we would suggest that, because we have reached our legally allowed limit, we would be happy to book a place for them, and where appropriate their partners or household group, for the following Sunday service.
We will only be using the MAIN entrance. This will reduce the number of elders required and thus maximise places at services for other members of our congregation.
These arrangements will remain in place until there is a change to our allocated ‘Level’.
J C Pears
17 November 2020

Important Announcement…


This is intimation that a meeting of the Kirk Session of this congregation is to be held via ZOOM on Monday 23rd November 2020, at 7.30pm.

In recognition of the diversity of views within the Church about the historic and current doctrine and practice of the Church in relation to human sexuality and in the interests of the peace and unity of the Church, departure from the practice of the Church in relation to human sexuality is permitted in certain circumstances.

The purpose of the Kirk Session meeting just intimated will be for the Kirk Session to decide whether to depart from the Church’s practice in relation to human sexuality in order for applications for the current vacancy to be considered from, amongst others, individuals who are in a civil partnership. 

In terms of the process for a decision to depart contained in the Ministers and Deacons in Civil Partnerships Act (Act 1, 2015), this will be a second meeting of the Kirk Session on this matter and therefore the vote will be of a determinative nature. If the vote is in favour of the decision to depart, then that decision will take effect.

Both votes on this matter must achieve a majority of those present and entitled to vote in order to take effect.

Rev. Ian Taylor Interim Moderator


This Sunday will our Harvest service they will be boxes in vestibule for any gifts people may bring. Any tinned product will be greatfully received.

New Manse-Details

As mentioned by Gordon Morrison on This morning Online service , please details propose “New Manse” Please find attach the sales brochure that provides the plot location plus the floor layouts. The two plots that have been marked with a square are plots 71 and 86. Plot 86 is the plot accessed by the cul de sac that serves 3 properties. It has the open outlook towards the Campsies.

If you would like view it on the Barratt web page which allows you to drill down into the site layout the link is:-

Important Announcement

Notice is hereby given that the Vacancy Procedure Committee of the Presbytery of Glasgow proposes to allow the congregation Kirkintilloch St Mary’s to follow the protocol agreed by the Commission of Assembly on 7th July :

Section 22: Preaching by Nominee:  public worship may be conducted by any means which enables all those entitled to vote in the election to see and hear the nominee conduct the same act of worship including by means of a live stream or through recorded media made available by any appropriate means, or by a combination of the two; Section 23: Election of Minister and Section 24: Ballot Procedure: the vote may take place by those physically present (if any) completing a hard copy of a voting paper and those not, completing and posting or hand delivering a hard copy of a voting paper; the arrangements made shall ensure secrecy of the ballot while maintaining verification of eligibility to vote;

This action will proceed unless at least four persons, who are either communicant members of this congregation of Kirkintilloch St Mary’s or full members of Presbytery, together or separately submit to the Depute Presbytery Clerk a request for this proposal to be considered at the next meeting of the Presbytery. Any such request must set out the relevant reasons. You should submit any such request in writing to Rev Hilary McDougall by Monday 14th September 2020. If four valid requests are received, then the permission to use the Vacancy Protocol will be suspended and the approval of Presbytery will be required.

Rev Hilary McDougall

Depute Presbytery Clerk

Presbytery of Glasgow

260 Bath St.


0141 332 6606