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Ballot for Nomination Committee

Election Now Closed…

Dear All

Please find attached information for Members / Adherents listed on our Electoral Register.
We are currently in the process of forming the Nominating Committee for our vacancy and we are required to ballot the congregation to select 13 people to serve in this capacity.

Two documents are attached:

1) Ballot Information (pdf);
Contains information / instructions from our Interim Moderator, Rev Ian Taylor, along with brief biographical information on the 20 individuals nominated for the committee.

2) Ballot Paper (Microsoft Word);
For you to complete and return to me, no later than 20th February 2021.
Please create a duplicate copy of the ballot paper, so that both eligible members of the household are able to submit their vote.

I trust the attached provides sufficient explanation, but if you require any additional information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Church Closure



Dear All,

As you will all know, we are now in a national LOCKDOWN whichunfortunately means that St Mary’s Parish Church will be closed with immediate effect.

These arrangements will remain in place until there is a change to this.

We have taken this decision in line with national advice and we will keep you up to date with any developments as they happen. 

Meantime our on-line services will continue to be recorded and you will be able to access these through the church website or on you tube, as previously.

As the Kirk Session of St Mary’s Parish Church, we are very much lookingforward to welcoming you back into your and our sanctuary as soon as is possible.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2021.

John C Pears

05 January 2021

Nominating Committee


To be read on two Sundays  10/01/21 & 17/01/21

Notice is hereby given that the congregation of Kirkintilloch St. Mary’s Parish Church will now prepare itself for the purpose of appointing a Nominating Committee. The task of the Nominating Committee will be to nominate one person to this congregation of Kirkintilloch St. Mary’s Parish Church to be the new minister.

The Session Clerk (Gordon Morrison, ( 0141 578 5887)

shall seek Nominations from the congregation no later than 31/01/21 and shall accept responses both by email and by post or hand delivery; upon receipt the Session Clerk shall, if an election is required, contact the congregation by email and/or post/hand delivery to provide summary information regarding each person nominated and to seek votes for the requisite number of persons.

Upon receipt of returns the congregation shall be invited to elect 13 people, who are on the Electoral Roll of this congregation of Kirkintilloch St. Mary’s Parish Church to serve on the Nominating Committee. If you wish to propose anyone to serve on the Committee you may do so providing the person has indicated a willingness to serve.

Rev. Ian Taylor, Interim Moderator

Minister, Springfield Cambridge Parish Church


(0141 772 1540

Electoral Register…


To be read on Sunday 20/12/20

Notice is hereby given that the proposed Electoral Register of this congregation of Kirkintilloch St. Mary’s Parish Church has now been prepared.

If you believe that your name should be on the Register, you can ask for confirmation that it has been included immediately after this Service (from the Session Clerk, Gordon Morrison, ( 0141 578 5887)

If your name is not on the proposed Electoral Register, and you believe it should be, you should inform the Session Clerk in writing before the Kirk Session meets to finalise the register via ZOOM on 13/01/21. You are also welcome to attend that meeting, if you wish to make the case for your name being included (please contact the Session Clerk, Gordon Morrison, ( 0141 578 5887) for details on how to do this).

Ian Taylor.

Rev. Ian Taylor, Interim Moderator

Minister, Springfield Cambridge Parish Church


(0141 772 1540

Level 3



As you will have heard, our area will, from Friday 11th December 2020 beredesignated as Level 3. This means a change to the maximum number of people who can attend a church service with effect from Sunday 13th December.

The church is still open for worship, although we can now revert to a maximum of 50 people being allowed in the sanctuary at any one time.

This includes those on duty, the minister and the organist. Therefore approximately 15 of the 50 people will be accounted for. This will leave space for 35 people approximately.

Bookings for Sunday services should still be made using the usual ‘booking system’. 

Instructions for making bookings for the Christmas Eve Service can be found in the Parishioner or on the church website and Facebook page.

The maximum number of people allowed in the sanctuary for this service will also be limited to a maximum of 50.

When the number of people wishing to ‘book’ places for a Sunday service reaches 50, including the duty elders, minister and organist, we would suggest that because we have reached our legally allowed limit, we would be happy to book a place for them, and where appropriate their partners or household group, for the following Sunday service.

We will now revert to using all three entrances. This will 

mean an increase in the number of elders required, but we will still aim to maximise places at services for other members of our congregation.

These arrangements will remain in place until we are informed otherwise!

J C Pears

8th December 2020