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Marriage Arrangements

  1. Contact the Minister as soon as possible. This will offer the opportunity to set the date and time of the Service. If you are changing your name, through marriage, The Passport Authorities may require confirmation of the date in order to issue a Passport with your married name. There is also an online form which the minister will ask you to fill in.
  2. Marriage Notices must be submitted to the Registrar. This must be done NOT LESS THAN 28 DAYS before the date of the marriage. It is recommended that the Notices be submitted six weeks beforehand. The address of The Registrar is, Kirkintilloch Registration Office, Community Hub, 2-4 West High Street, Kirkintilloch, G66 1AD. Telephone: 0300 123 4510. Marriage Notice – Scotland form.
  3. The following documents, as appropriate, must be submitted along with each Marriage Notice: a) Each person’s Birth Certificate; If a person has been previously married the Death Certificate of the previous spouse or a copy of the Decree of Divorce or Annulment.
  4. It is to be noted that divorce does not necessarily represent an impediment to marriage in the Church, but, if either party has been divorced, this fact should be made known in good time to the Minister. According to the law of the Church, Ministers are permitted but not obliged to celebrate the marriage of divorced persons. They are required to consider carefully the circumstances which led to divorce.
  5. The Marriage Schedule will be issued to the parties, one or both of whom must attend personally at the Registration Office to receive it. The Marriage Schedule cannot be issued more than SEVEN DAYS before the proposed date of the marriage. The marriage cannot take place without the Schedule.
  6. Immediately after the ceremony, the Marriage Schedule must be signed by both parties to the marriage, by the Minister who conducted (solemnized) the marriage and by two witnesses who must be at least SIXTEEN YEARS OF AGE.
  7. Since the Marriage Service conducted in the Church is specifically a Christian Service, it is desirable that the couple should have an understanding of the Christian faith. It is not required that the couple join the Church, but it is recommended that both attend a course on the beliefs of the Christian faith.
  8. Before choosing hymns and music for the marriage ceremony you should contact the organist, David Burns. His telephone number is 0141 776 5484.
  9. FLOWERS. The Flower Convener is Mrs Janice Reid – telephone 0141 776 4974 – who should be informed ten days before the marriage whether or not the flowers will be left in the Church in order that the necessary arrangements may be made.
    Before flowers are placed in the Church you must contact the Church Officer, Mrs Margaret Morrison, telephone 0141 578 5887.
  10. WEDDING REHEARSAL . Please contact the Church Secretary, Mrs Lynn Hay (0141 775 1166) 3 weeks before your marriage to arrange for a Wedding Rehearsal. Rehearsals are usually held on Wednesday evenings during Vestry time.
  11. The following fees are applicable and will be paid to the Minister at the wedding rehearsal which is normally the week before the wedding.
    • Church Officer
    • Organist  (refer to pages 14 & 15)
    • Church  (Suggested Donation)

Useful Telephone Numbers:
• Minister: Manse 0141 776 1252
• Organist: 0141 776 5484 (David Burns)
• Church Secretary 0141 775 1166 (Lynn Hay)
• Church Officer: 0141 578 5887 (Margaret Morrison)
Registrar: Kirkintilloch Registration Office, Community Hub, 2-4 West High Street, Kirkintilloch, G66 1AD. Telephone: 0300 123 4510.

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