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Closure Policy


“Church Officer” includes the Church Officer and any acting replacement
“Church Property” includes the Church, the Church Halls and the Car Park
“Panel” comprises the Minister, the Session Clerk and the Fabric Convenor

Closure of Church Property

In the event of severe weather conditions or other emergency such as a power cut, the Church Officer shall seek the advice of the Panel as to whether the Church Property should be closed.

The Panel will take into account the advice of the Church Officer as to the condition of the Church Property. The Panel will also take into account such advice as is generally available e.g. weather and travel warnings as broadcast on local media

If in the opinion of the Panel there is reasonable likelihood of personal injury or damage to property as a result of the Church Property being open to the public, the Panel shall be entitled to instruct the Church Officer to close or delay the opening of the Church Property and to cancel any planned events

Emergency Closure

The Panel will endeavour to make a decision as soon as possible after they are made aware of the situation. In the event of an emergency the Church Officer will have the authority to close the Church Property and then report the closure to the Panel as soon as possible thereafter.

Intimating Closure

In the event of a closing or delayed opening due to inclement weather or other emergency, an announcement will be placed prominently on the church website and if possible on the church office answer machine.


Any complaint or issue pertaining to the closure of the Church Property shall be referred to the Panel.

We appreciate your understanding.


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