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Children and Youth Policy Statement

We the children of St Mary’s Parish Church ask:

  • With the assistance of our parents and family to be supported in making choices for and to be involved in the planning of how we worship
  • With the assistance of our parents and family to have our voices listened to and considered
  • To be recognized as a full part of the Community of the Church
  • Not to be shut out or separated from any part of the life of the Church To feel safe and welcome around the Church
  • To have the significance of our organizations and activities recognized

We the congregation of the St Mary’s Parish Church commit ourselves:

  • To find ways of ensuring that children are actively involved in worship both in planning and participation
  • To bring alive the significance of the sacraments of baptism and holy communion to all children of the Church
  • To create opportunities to hear and act upon the voices of the children in our parish
  • To enable children to develop a sense of belonging and community in their Church
  • To recognize that children of all ages can possess a strong faith and have ministries to offer the Church
  • To be appropriately supportive to these groups which children feel are central to their lives
  • To respect and care for all the children of our communities
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