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The Very Rev. Peter Philip Brodie 1942 – 1947

Peter Brodie was born in Airdrie in 1916, the son of Robert and Margaret Brodie . He began his ministry as Assistant to Rev Morrison in our church in 1940. When Mr Morrison died in 1941 Dr Brodie left Kirkintilloch. He was surprised and delighted when he received the call to be Parish minister in Autumn of 1941 and was inducted to charge in January 1942. Always interested in serving his King and Country in this time of war, he was one of the first to volunteer for Home Guard and was later to serve with the Church of Scotland’s Mobile Canteen Service in Normandy from late 1944 until the end of the war in Europe in 1945.

On his return, he was instrumental in setting in motion the fund raising activities which eventually led to the building of the new halls.

Dr Brodie left St Mary’s in 1947, having received a call to a bigger charge at St Mungo’s Alloa . In 1978 he became the Moderator of the General Assembly  of the Church of Scotland. Dr Brodie retired from St Mungo’s,Alloa in 1987 and sadly died 16 October 1996

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