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Charity Status

Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 Charity Number: SC007260 Charity Name: St Marys Parish Church of Scotland, Kirkintilloch

Registered charity from: 21/12/1962

Address: St Mary’s Church Office Cowgate Kirkintilloch Glasgow Postcode: G66 1JT

Office/Home address: Principal Office address

Parent Charity Name: Church of Scotland Parent Charity Registration Number: SC011353

Parent Charity Country of Registration: Scotland

Charity Accounts and Constitutions

The Church does not publish this information on the website. The public have the right to the following information under s.23 (1) (a) and (b) of the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 from the charity directly: • a copy of the charity’s latest statement of account • a copy of the charity’s constitution. Please contact the Church directly to request this information

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