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REMINDER to all knitters and crocheters! Please come along to the session house on Monday 19th November at 2pm to help create stars and snowflakes to decorate the church at Christmas. Wool and patterns supplied – please bring needles. Tea and cake supplied too!!

Nursery Ragbag . . . Our nursery is having a ragbag collection this week. If you have any unwanted clothing/household items please bag them up and bring them to nursery by Friday 23rd November. This raises essential funds for our nursery activities.

Fairtrade – look out for little sheep coming to the stall soon! Sheep are made in Bethlehem using the wool from Bethlehem sheep and come in 2 sizes. Perfect stocking fillers!

Green artificial trees wanted! . . . Do you have a Christmas Tree you no longer need? We could give it a good home and use it as part of the decorations in the Church. Size does not matter, but it must be green and not Fibre Optic. If you can help, please contact Garry Burns, Fiona Leishman, or Jen Biggans.

Church Souvenirs . . . which make good stocking fillers and small presents, will be on sale before and after the Services from Sunday 25th November until Christmas.



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