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Ministers Message-April 2018

Dear friends,

In the book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament it says with some sense of cynicism ’There is nothing new under the sun’.

In some way this can be a negative verse reinforcing on a wet spring day — ‘There is nothing new so just get on with it!

In another way this verse can be an encouragement. — ’There is nothing you need fear, someone has been here before you!’

It may depend on what day of the week it is or how your mood takes you as to the interpretation you place on this verse.

During the season of Easter I was aware that for 35years I have taken services during Holy Week. My first service was at the age of 15. The Minister was unwell and I read the Bible passage and read some prayers. For 35 years I have read the same Bible passages and relayed the same stories to congregations as far apart as Drumchapel, Toronto and Kirkintilloch. ’There is nothing new under the sun!’

What sparks me is that although the stories are the same the message is different. I may write my talks, prayer and sermons on the computer, they are for a single event. There may be stories from my own experience that can suffer being told a few times but the general message for each sermon or talk is different. How can that be?

If you go to the book of Lamentations you will find a verse that reminds us God’s way is ’New every morning!’.

If you feel stuck in a rut hearing the same old thing over and over. If you feel every day is the same then consider the promise God makes to be both faithful — there is nothings new under the sun. But also remember the inspirational thought that the way of God is ’New every morning’. There can be a fresh message and experience waiting for us.

Kindest regards

Mark J



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