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Pastoral Letter

Rev Mark Johnstone

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April 2017

Dear Friends,

‘Jesus Christ is risen today’


The work is underway at the Church.  The roof will soon be wind and water tight.  There is a debt of gratitude to all who have helped secure the funds and contractors to complete this work.


There will in the coming weeks be many different tradesmen on the job, joiners, plumbers, stone masons, scaffolders and many other labourers.  It is only when these various strands come together the work will be completed successfully and the benefit of a new roof will be known.


Within the Iona Community prayer book there is a prayer that reads; 


‘With the eye of a weaver

you have chosen us such

different threads to be gathered into unity

that the world might believe’


The image of a weaver taking different threads and creating something of purpose, worth and beauty is encapsulating.  We often fail to see the pattern we weave or the contribution we make to the pattern of our days.


With different trades involved the roof will become one piece  The Church has different people with different talents and we are called to be one.


As Easter approaches we can see the different threads of Jesus life and ministry.


On the Monday of Holy week; Jesus visits Mary and Martha and is anointed.


On the Tuesday of Holy week; Jesus entered the Temple.


On the Wednesday of Holy week; Judas agreed to betray Jesus.


On the Thursday of Holy week; He shared the last supper.


On the Friday of Holy week; he was crucified, died and was buried.


On the Saturday all is quiet.


On Easter Sunday the Tomb is empty and he has risen.


During Holy week there are various threads that draw us to the glorious resurrection of Jesus. Our threads are woven into one.


May we take time to see how we are woven into the Easter story, how the story unfolds and the glorious celebration that comes when again we discover Jesus is alive…..Jesus is alive indeed Hallelujah. 


Kindest regards


Mark J













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