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Pastoral Letter

Rev Mark Johnstone

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May 2017

Dear all,

Over the past month we have moved the Vestry in the Church from its original place to the back of the Session House.  This seemed to be a simple task.  A few people helped one Sunday after Church to move the necessary furniture and equipment.  It seemed all to be settled. However it has taken the best part of a month to move properly.  Electrical sockets were connected, a partition erected, the wifi re-located the room painted and all in all a lot of work was done by many  The lion’s share of the work fell to our property convener.  With a band of helpers he made the move possible.  The need to move arose from a financial saving in allowing the contractors, doing the work on our roof, to use the vestry, toilet and ladies room.  This removed the need for Portakabin facilities and saved the church a considerable sum — even after the relocation of the vestry.

It has been an interesting time moving.  It seemed simple but took the work of many. When I was reading the Bible passage about the Hebrew people leaving Egypt.  (If you remember they had gone to Egypt willingly and then been held captive and enslaved.).  The Hebrew people made a tremendous effort and it took the courage, vision and work of many to make the move.

Too often we try to do things on our own.  This can be the result of feeling isolated with few folks around.  However sometimes our individual striving is about an unnecessary independence.  We may benefit from taking time to secure help and support when we make a change. We need not make the move on our own.

Jesus was someone who was often on the move.  He would look for help with accommodation, food and provisions and even places to meet, greet and eat. He saw the strength of involving others.

One of the most tragic moments in the Jesus story is when he is abandoned by everyone and hang on the cross reciting the Psalm ‘Why have you forsaken me’.

We know at this time of year, after easter, he was not abandoned.  God was always with him even when he seemed most alone.

I am grateful for all the work people do around the church and know that we could never do it on our own.

Kindest regards

With thanks.

Mark J













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