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St Mary's Parish Church is without doubt one of the most impressive buildings in Kirkintilloch. Its imposing gothic tower can be seen from almost anywhere in town. The Church was completed in 1914 at a cost of £15,000 GBP to house the congregation of St Mary's, who can trace their roots back to 1190. Prior to 1914, the congregation met in the Auld Kirk, but bad ventilation and crowded conditions forced the minister, Rev Thomas Angus Morrison, to request a new building. After lengthy campaigning, including threats to stop taking services, his request was approved. Rev Morrison travelled around Great Britain to cherry-pick the best architectural features from the Churches he visited. Interestingly, while most Churches traditionally face east, St Mary's is built along a north to south line. Depending on who you speak too, this is either because of the shape of the piece of land, simply to emphasise the buildings lavish attributes to passers-by or massage echo's of the time.

The inside of the Church contains many beautiful stained-glass windows, including some by renowned artist Gordon Webster. Sadly Gordon Webster died in the Second World War, leaving the windows incomplete, but his widow finished the designs which incorporate local imagery. Kirkintilloch artist Willie Rodger has also designed a series of modern stained-glass windows for the Church. These stained-glass windows are part of the website design and can be seen on the left hand side of the screen.

Rev Mark Johnstone, only the fourth minister at St Mary's since the completion of the new Church, loves the building.

He said: "It is a real privilege for St Mary's to have the building, it's a real focal point for the people of Kirkintilloch. The building is very functional and rich in architecture and is a very stimulating place to work."

The Church is part of the Church of Scotland and within the catchment area of the Glasgow Presbytery. The Church is sited within Kirkintilloch town centre on Cowgate (road), next to the Forth and Clyde Canal. You can't miss us.

We have around 800 members and a good number of regular visitors with an average attendance of 300 worshippers.

Sunday service is at 11.00am GMT/BST and all are welcome.

There are lots of activities during the week. People of all ages come along to join in, and they aren't all members of the Church. Everyone is very welcome, from zero to ninety. To see a list of activities see the resources page.

You will be made most welcome to attend the service on a Sunday morning.



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